Challenges Of Hygiene In Developing Communities

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Higher Hygiene Goals

Higher Hygiene’s goal is to spread the problem that has been affecting many worldwide. As of 2017, the UN goal 6 department has stated that 2.2 billion people lack safely managed drinking water. Furthermore, 3 billion people lack basic hand washing facilities in the harsh today times; the most effective and basic Covid 19 prevention method. This is unacceptable and this problem should be solved immediately. The inequalities of humans in hygiene and health, the basic right of every intellectual being, cannot be tolerated on this wonderful planet. We must share the love and do whatever we can do to help the world be a better place for others. That is my mission and why I created this website.

There are many trusted websites that are legit and their teams help many that need this donation.  

You can help this cause, not only by donating but you can spread the cause to your friends, family and even your neighbour. 

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The Facts & Effects

This is a world wide problem and the data backs this up. Millions and Billions are affected and we cannot keep ignoring that this problem is only getting worse.

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10 Worst Countries In terms of clean water


In the whole world, there are many countries that are facing the water crisis. In this segment, we are going to show you the 10 worst countries who lack clean water for their people. There are many factors that make this crisis happen in their respective areas. 

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Not Drawn To Scale


Location: Tanah Merah - North Jakarta - Indonesia

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Little By Little Changing The World For Others



When students have gathered enough water, they return to class. And with proper latrines girls can stay in school through their teenage years.


Clean water, higher hygiene and strong sanitation can improve the cleanliness and health of people living in areas that were affected.


Once the clean water problem is solved; the people can get back to work lifting themselves off the poverty status, and build new infrastructure, help others and grow as a community.

Conflict & Death

Fights for water sources on country borders can lead to wars and conflicts. After these conflicts many die, and the two communities have lossed more than they gain.